What is 4G LTE and VoLTE?

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Hope you all are doing well.Today we will be discussing about 4G LTEand VOLTE. Recently 4G service was launched in India. Bharti Airtel was thefirst to launch 4G service in India.It claims they provide up to 11.9MBPS download speed.

What is 4G LTE?

4G is the 4th generation technology replacing 3G, allows higher internet speed. LTE means Long Term Evolution. This allows faster browsing, streaming video without any buffer,high speed download. This standard was developed by 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).As compared to 3G and 2G, 4G LTE is 10 times faster.Through this network you can only use high speed internet and high speed downloading.

What is 4G VoLTE?

VoLTE means Voice Over LTE (Long Term Evolution). Voice call is clear as compared to 3G and 2G connections. VoLTE uses IP based call system, you tube video streaming without any buffer. Minimum speed of the network will be 100MBPS and maximum speed upto 1GBPS. Call made or received through 4G VoLTE network provides you HD audio calls.

Advantagesof 4G LTE Network:

1.      High Definition Call

This network gives superior call quality to caller as well as to receiver of call.It is 3 times better than 3G network and 6 times better than 2G network. To make this call and to enjoy this service call maker and call receiver both should have 4G VoLTE supported mobile device. We can listen to the clear tone of the person who is on the line.

2.      Connectivity

This network enables to connect your call faster. It uses frequency of 800 MHz spectrum. The coverage of the network is far reached as compared to 3G and 2G. If we lost the signal of 4G, 3G and 2G will be used to connect the call.

3.       Improved Battery life

As tested, 4G VoLTE network improves battery life of your mobile device. Till now when the signal was not available for particular network it usually switches from one network to another which causes more battery usage.

4.      Video calling

User can also make video call through 4G. As of now skype was used to make video call which uses more data to connect to video calling. But 4G uses less data to connect to the video calling.

4G network in India

In India, Airtel and Jio supports 4G network . As of now Jio is offering free data, free video calling , free audio calling. Jio has launched application for HD calling, video calling to take full experience of this service. This network will be soon available in India for other networks.

 Xiaomi’s  4G Devices in India
 Xiaomi has launched many devices in India which is based on 4G as well as some device supports VoLTE. Following table shows the list of devices.

Device Name


Infocus Epic 1
Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Apple Iphone 5s
Lenovo Vibe K5
Samsung Galaxy On 7 pro

Following screen will show how 4G VoLTE network will be displayed.

To enable VoLTE service on your device Go to Settings > SIM Cards Management > VoLTE enabled.

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