Tips for fast charging of smartphone.

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Today, i will be providing you some simple tips regarding how to boost your smartphone charging?

Many times we face the problem of slow charging. It usually takes around 3 hours to charge your smartphone from 0% to 100%. If it is taking more than 4 hours than there might be a problem with your charger or else with your smartphone. There might be a several reasons of slow charging like browsing on internet while charging,playing games, playing music etc. Earlier we used to get slow charger with the smartphone but now the quick charging facility helps you to charge your smartphone very quickly.But quick charging will also become slow if you do any activity on smartphone when it is charging.

Following are the reasons which might slow down your smartphone charging:

1. Switch to airplane mode

Some times while charging we receive message or call which disturb our smartphone charging. Always keep your device on airplane mode while charging, this will deactivate your calls, messages, internet connectivity etc.which will boost up your charging speed. Using GPS, internet will consume more battery which will 
result into slow charging.

Steps to turn on your airplane mode (Screenshots attached are taken from MI phone, step may vary from device to device)

 2. Switch off your phone

The best way to boost your charging is to turn off your smartphone and start charging. When you turn off your smartphone there will be now fluctuation of network or any activity which will cut down your charging speed. 

3. Turn off unwanted features

Always turn off your unwanted features which is causing to slow down your charging speed. Unwanted features like GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI, decrease your display backlight. We always have a habit of watching videos or playing game while the mobile is charging. Avoid this to boost  your charging.

4. USB charging

USB charging might one of the reason of slow charging. Always it is recommended to use wall charger instead of using USB charging. Some times we connect our device with laptop or computer to charge our smartphone which is not recommended. It takes more time than usual charging. Charging with power banks might also slow down your charging speed. Always use power banks only when you are travelling.

5. Physical damage

Physical damage of USB cable, USB port might slow down your charging. Whenever you will experience slow charging first check with physical damage of hardware then we should go for the other reasons. 

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