Schedule routines at Google Home

Schedule routines at Google Home

Google Assistant introduced multi-step routines earlier this year, allowing for a combination of several actions (toggling lights, changing the thermostat, etc.) to be carried out with one command. At the time, it was said that Google was also planning to add the ability to schedule routines, but no time frame was given except “later this summer.”

Now, as Droid Life spotted on Reddit, it looks like the scheduling feature is rolling out.

Follow the below steps to see the routines option in Google Home app.
1) Tap Settings > Routines.
2) Tap “+” button to create a routine. If it’s available for you, there should also be an option to “Set a time and day (optional).”

This should be supremely helpful for people actively using the routines. You could schedule Google Home’s Morning Routine for when you wake up every day, prompting actions like taking your phone off silent and adjusting the lights automatically instead of having to ask Google every morning.

For the scheduled routines to run, a Google Home unit needs to be selected to run the actions. Once a device finishes running a routine, it will give an audio acknowledgement and notify you on your phone.

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