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Google chrome is the best browser till time because of its clean interface and it is easy to navigate from one tab to another tab. It loads the page quickly and advanced security features. There are many best features of google chrome. It helps to save bookmark fast and quick. There are some other features which will be helpful in our day – to – day life.
Following are some best features of Google chrome:
1. Pin Tabs
With this feature user can pin favorite tab on the left side of the browser. It will be displayed in icon shape. It gives more room to current tab to work with it and also user can save his favorite article by pressing pin tab option. To unable Pin Tab option on google chrome browser: Right-click on the browser tab > Click on Pin Tab to pin the tab.
2.  Mute Tabs
Some website has a background sound or music. When user opens the website that sound or music starts playing and sound icon gets displayed on the tab in chrome browser. To mute this tab background music: Right-Click on the browser tab > Click on Mute Tab to mute the tab.
3.  Autoplay Policy
There are many websites which starts the video on the webpage as soon as user loads the web page. To disable this: Type chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in Chrome’s URL bar, which will open the Chrome’s list of features, Click on Document user activation is required option and select Relaunch Now button.
4.  Block Notification requests
Desktop notifications are the new way for the live notification like email notification, live score and instant messages which helps user quickly view the important task without switching from existing task. But sometimes it also includes spam and advertisement which irritates the user. To disable this notification: Go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom and click on Advanced > In the Privacy and Security section, click Content Settings > Click Notifications and click the toggle switch so it goes from Ask before sending to Blocked.
5.  Search Google for “__”
There are many ways to search on google, the simplest way to search any word is to select the word and right-click on the word > click on Search Google for “___”.
6. Zoom out to normal view
Frequently, whenever we work on laptop the browser window gets zoom due to touchpad. To get the screen on normal mode there is a shortcut which is very useful. Use Ctrl-0 (zero) to turn into regular zoom level.
7.  Reopen a closed tab

There is a situation where you accidentally close the current tab. To return to the closed tab use the shortcut like Ctrl –Shift-T.

Which Browser do you use?

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