Android vs Apple : What makes Android most popular?

Hello MIUI fans,Android vs Apple : What makes Android most popular?

Android powers around thousands of millions mobile devices around 190 countries in the world. It was found largest number of installed OS in mobile device.Android gives high level of user experience with its top features and quality of devices.

Recent research by agency Gartner shows that the Android operating system is the most popular among all the OS in the market. Comparing to the IOS, it has around 81.7% of share in market till 4th quarter of 2016 as per the report. This year Android have a hike in market from 80.7% in 4th quarter of 2015. As the below report suggest all the facts for demand of android OS in market.

Android vs Apple : What makes Android most popular?


Day by day google is improving user experence for android OS by launching its new version of android. Recently, google launched its own brand name smartphone named Google Pixel which has threaten the market of Apple devices.

Launch of Android N has gained a popularity among the users. There are many reasons of its success, which we will be discussing today.

Reasons of popularity of android device in market:

1. Simple customization


Android vs Apple : What makes Android most popular?


Android OS can be easily customized because it is open source operating system. Many smartphone companies use their own customized OS which will be based on android operating system. Among all MIUI is the most powerful and most customized UI which is based on android operating system. As compared to Apple’s IOS, android provides most customized features.

2. Diverse phone optionThere are various smartphone manufacturer which uses android OS in their devices. Starting from Sony, samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, Micromax and now it is coming with Nokia which is the old competitor in the market.Because of this diverse option customer can move to any manufacturer whichever is suitable for him. But not in case of Apple IOS which is used only in Apple device only.


3. Affordable price


Android vs Apple : What makes Android most popular?


Android device starts from Rs.7,000 which is most affordable cost as compared to Apple devices which cost starts from Rs.60,000. At this affordable cost customer is getting more features, with more storage space etc.

4. Unique featuresAndroid device can provide unique feature. Phone manufacturer provide various features like Xiaomi is providing reading-mode feature which will protect the user eyes from the light of the phone, Lenovo is providing battery saving mode which will utilize low battery.

Above are some of the reasons which makes android OS unique from other OS.

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